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What is Poker Tournaments?

The format for running a poker tournament is the same regardless of the size of the tournament. You can both play tournaments on poker sites online or at different events mostly at Casinos around the world. ┬áThe poker tournament will require all poker players to buy-in for a set amount and then all the buy-in’s will be added together to make the total prize pool, however, most large poker tournaments today have a pre-set prize fund which is guaranteed. They will stipulate the minimum and maximum number of poker players required in order for the tournament to get under way but, with poker games growing so popular in recent years, the maximum is more often reached.

When the poker tournament gets under way all poker players who have bought in will receive the same number of starting chips. The play at the table always runs clockwise, to the left of the dealer. The dealer will shuffle the cards and deal one card face up to each player to determine who will be the designated dealer. The highest card receives the dealer button and then the dealer starts with the player to the left of the button and deals clockwise around the table. Blinds are included in the structure of the tournament to give poker players an incentive to play their hands. The first player to the left of the dealer button must post the small blind and the next player posts the big blind. The blinds are mandatory and they also move clockwise around the table with the two players left of the dealer button posting them. Throughout the tournament these blinds will increase at regular intervals, generally doubling in size with regular breaks also set aside to give players a chance to stretch their legs or get some food.

When play resumes after the break they continue from where they left off. After a while the Ante is introduced to the game. Antes start small and remain low, in comparison to the blinds, and all players must pay the ante regardless of whether they play in the hand or not. At the start of each hand every player at the poker table will have some chips in the pot and the poker play will usually start to get faster and more aggressive. Eventually the field of players reduces down and it is generally just the top 20% of the total entrants who receive a slice of the total prize pool. Once players make it into the money they will play loose, meaning they will play more hands as they are guaranteed to get, at least, their buy-in back. Poker Play resumes as normal until the final table is determined. This is where the final ten poker players are left to play on one table for the top prize and it is always preceded with a break, regardless of the time format.

The duration of poker tournaments varies depending on the number of entrants with the larger tournaments running for a number of days.